KnovelTech offers one of the most affordable upright systems that incorporate safety, reliability, value, quality, and ease of use. At KnovelTech we recognize that your time is valuable. The Chiropractic system includes features that will increase patient thru-put and minimize the time needed for exams. Experience the. Knoveltech the difference with standard features that other manufacturers’ options.


We offer a used and refurbished Chiropractic system.

Chiropractic Digital System 

Custom X-Ray is here to take your facility to the next level, with all of its chiropractic digital solutions.

We have the technical experience that will assist you in converting from analog to digital in the most efficient way possible.


Chiropractic Digital X-Ray Systems

No Compromise in Quality Our fixed 40” or 72” SID upright system further reduces the cost of ownership by eliminating the floor and wall tracks supplied on a traditional system. This configuration is ideal for any practice that has limited space and can accomplish their imaging requirements at a fixed 40” or 72” SID. Magnetic locks for vertical movement of the tube and receptor ensures ease of positioning for you and your patient.