Knoveltech has distributed its products to a great number of businesses and organizations, covering a vast array of markets and fields. To date, Knoveltech has worked with the women’s healthcare market and the internal medicine, orthopedic, podiatry, and veterinary markets. Knoveltech customizes its software to meet the specific demands of the industry it is distributing to. Its software has been touted as the most intuitive, easy-to-learn software in existence. Efficiency is an incredibly important metric here at Knoveltech, and all tasks, services, and products are gauged in terms of their level of efficiency – the software included.


With the growth of breast cancer across the globe, now has been more important of a time than ever to take precautionary measures – to do what it takes to prevent such health catastrophes and to do what it takes to catch such catastrophes before they metastasize. Knoveltech’s products are designed specifically to identify malignant tumors. Along with the cutting-edge technology and hardware, Knoveltech’s products have the custom–made, practice-specific software to further enhance and improve the performance of practices in all major disciplines worldwide. In the case of Women’s Health Care, Knoveltech’s products are great for a female mammography. Keeping the female form healthy and in the pink is of incredible importance. Knoveltech’s CR Readers and Flat Panels play an important role in ensuring optimal female health – a perfect fit for all practices focused on or concerned with Women’s Health Care.


Knoveltech has improved its software reach by supplying customers in the Internal Medicine industry. Internal Medicine, sometimes colloquially referred to as General Medicine, is the the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Software that can help assist in such behavior has been, and will continue to be, a boon for all of mankind. Knoveltech’s customized Internal Medicine software has retained its foothold as one of the most important suppliers of its kind in an ultra-competitive marketplace. With an escalation of diseases and cancers among the population, it has become even more important to identify and treat said illnesses. Internal Medicine CR Readers and Flat Panels are instruments that greatly enhance the professional’s capacity to help mankind in the discipline of Internal Medicine. It is an insignia of honor for Knoveltech to take part in one of the greatest fights of all time – the fight against disease and other noxious and debilitating illnesses that drastically reduce the quality of man’s life.


Fractures, strained muscles, and torn tendons and ligaments are no fun. Experiencing any of said injuries can sharply limit one’s capacity to enjoy his or her life. The functioning and completion of mere menial, easy tasks becomes much harder when one has any of the aforementioned injuries. That is why the understanding of the restoration and recovery process is incredibly important. The better one understands how the body can be healed of its injuries, the faster one can return to optimal health, and the better one’s life will become as a result. Knoveltech understands this. Knoveltech wants to provide orthopedic practices with the best instruments on the market. Instruments that help orthopedists identify what is wrong with a patient – clearly, accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively. Knoveltech’s instruments do just that and have certainly been a boon for all orthopedists currently using their products.


Podiatry is the treatment of the feet and their ailments. Their specialists are known as podiatrists – they take care of things like sprained ankles, achilles tendon issues, and so on. These specialists also need special instruments to help assist them in the diagnosis and treatment process of podiatry-related issues. Knoveltech’s products – with custom-made podiatry software – can meet the demands of anyone in the podiatry market. With incredibly affordable prices and intuitive software, Knoveltech has become an emerging enterprise in this respective specialty market.


The love and affection we share for our pets, and the love and affection ours pets give back to us, is certainly a beautiful thing to see and be around. Anyone who has ever had a pet knows how important it is for them to make sure that their pet is in good health. When pets are sick and ill, it takes a toll on an entire family. Veterinarians do their best to restore pets to optimal health. Their study of the anatomy of animals, and the biological nature of animals, has made them an important part of any pet-owner’s life. But these professionals, too, need specific equipment to help them improve their practice. Again, Knoveltech’s instruments, designed to meet the needs of this specific industry with their easy-to-use software, has made them a household name in the veterinary market. Veterinarians have continually extolled the wonders of Knoveltech’s CR Readers and Flat Panels. They are a must-have for any veterinarian starting his or her own practice.